A life in half ( part 2 )

Neel opened his eyes. Nothing was visible. It was dark and strange. He was scared, a lot. Slowly light was seen. Neel can finally see. His brother looking at him, crying with a smile. Neel didn’t understand anything, he doesn’t know the person. His mind and body were frozen for years. Neel couldn’t move his body, it was stiff. So Nihar helped him up. Neel looked around and he saw other people looking at him, again crying with that same smile. Neel was confused, why is he here, why are there people crying, what happened? Neel suddenly sees his body is significantly small. He looks at one of the mirrors and sees himself. He is a kid! When he realizes that, his memory of this world comes back.

He finally realizes why everyone is crying. They are his family, and he just came back from the dead. Nihar grabs his shoulder, hugs him “Welcome home. it’s your birthday, and I give you your life back.” Neel felt a strange feeling. He was happy to see his family again, but he felt a greater feeling of agony because he knows he won’t see his wife and his children again. Not knowing how to express this feeling, he screams out loud and cries. Nihar looks at him, and can’t understand him ” Why are you crying? you are back!” “You don’t know what you have done. You don’t know anything. What you did was a selfish act.” Nihar not knowing what to say because he doesn’t understand his brother. ” I was happy where I was. I live a good life there. Why did you bring me back?!


[ To be continued ]

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