A life in half ( part 1 )

It’s a happy day for Neel. He is a husband, a father, a man with a family. He needs nothing but love. But also he is a 13-year-old kid who is forever gone from our world. But why is it a happy day for him? He is dead. Right? Well, that’s what his brother thinks. Neel is actually in another dimension, we call it Heaven. And his brother Nihar will do anything to bring him back to our world.

Neel has been dead for 4 years but in the other world we call heaven, he is 39 years old. This special day is Neel’s birthday. He will be 40 years old. So he wakes up and sees his children’s are playing, his wife is baking a cake for him and, a farm to fix right way! Neel gets out the house quickly. He starts working fast.

Meanwhile, in our world, it’s also Neel’s birthday, except he is dead. But not for long, his brother has been working on a medicine that activates the body system and brings the dead back. And as a gift, he will give his little brother a second chance. Nihar prepared the medicine and he also kept his little brother’s body frozen, secretly. Nihar injects the medicine in Neel’s heart. Neel’s body starts shaking.

Neel felt a strange vibe around him while he was working. Suddenly he sees a storm and its coming fast. His wife yells out and calls him to come inside. But he couldn’t hear her because of the wind. And then there it was, a gigantic hand reaching for him. It grabbed him and pulled him right out of the ground, through the sky. And “poof…”

Neel’s eyes opened.

[ To be continued ]

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