Life is beautiful

Life is beautiful yet we make it so ugly. We take the little things and make it a big deal. We care too much about the new car, the new house, the new clothes, care too much about the money. None of this matters because none of it last forever. The only thing that will last is love. You don’t need anything else. Love is the only thing that can bring happiness. The power of love allows you to travel time. Why do we feel nostalgic about the past, it’s love, it’s the memory.

Sometimes we even see the future, also love. It is such an easy thing to have and yet we still don’t acknowledge it. We still don’t use it. An example in the real world, we people have so much, new shoes, new books, new everything but still wants more, yet kids around the world have nothing but so happy and so much innocence. All these hate and anger and suffering is not the reason we were born. We know the reason we are here, we know our purpose but we don’t fulfill it. We were born to spread love not hate, grow not decay, better not worse. And the only thing that can help us is love.

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  1. Really a good writing. Absolutely agree with it. Although contents could be more broad as it feels like I wanted to hear more. Thanks though. It is refreshing and giving me a vibe that you just started experiencing the life. Keep up the good and keep sharing. God speed.

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