A Good Plan Can Save Millions of Seconds of Life

This is really crazy. I am still awake and it is 6:40 am in the morning. Feels like old times. Seriously, I miss those days, especially the people who came to my life. Without them, I could not fill out my memory cells. I cannot think my life without them and their memories. These are my golden days of life that give me the energy to move on.

Nowadays, I am living a difficult life. I say difficult because I am working at night and going to school at daylight. So it is pretty hard to make a proper balance in between my sleeping and study time. Hold on a second, I forget to mention the name of the city where I am living right now. Guess what? It is New York City. The city that never sleeps!

At some point, life gets complicated and time runs faster than normal. The decision has to be made before it is too late. I do not get confused or nervous in this kind of situation. I try to put myself into a zero ground where is no plan, no thought. Actually, I cannot figure out how it works. But I get relaxed and calm down. My most active memories go down. I can compromise with them. After finding myself completely zero, I restart my system. Well, I am not a computer to restart, here it is like a ‘start over’. It seems easy to make these happen but the reality is not so pretty as our imagination. But I try to focus on the issues that I am dealing with and try to minimize them.

Eventually, I am trying to find out different ways to handle tough situations. At least I have to make some plans, of course, good plans which will help me to recover myself in the future. Tough situations may come anytime at any point in life and a good plan can save millions of seconds of life. That is what I say to my people. Remember that time is very precious. Once I blink, it is a memory now.

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