A Lost Woman in the Streets of the New York City

A thought can change with the change of time. I mean the meaning of the thought or the relationship of the thought with reality changes over the time. I just wrote one of my thoughts and right after that a lady with a girl and a baby in a stroller showed up and the lady asked me, where is the nearest subway train station. She looked so nervous and confused about the roads of this New York City. I gave her all possible directions to the subway station and made her feel normal. She thanked me and asked me if it is possible to walk with her as far as I can. I could not say her ‘no’ but I said that I could go two more blocks with her and after that, she will have to go few more blocks alone.

In that point, there was another possible thought which hit me back and forth, “why should not I go with them, until they get their relatives, who are waiting for them somewhere in the street.” I didn’t choose to do that but I chose to go to my work because time was shrinking. So the question raised in my head, was my decision wrong or am I too selfish or self-centered that made me not to make that decision? I was thinking over and over again. But I was not able to get to a point which could satisfy me that I did nothing wrong.

After going one block straight, she started smiling and pointing her fingers to some people that I could barely see. I was surprised that how could she possibly see them from a very long distance. Then she started yelling at those “far people”. When we got closer to them, they also started waving their hands to us. After all, the lost lady found the right people. She was so happy to see her children happy and didn’t say anything to me. She just kept looking at me and I saw a glow of perfection all over her face. I was satisfied too, seeing them all together and waved my left hand and moved forward. I didn’t look back but I knew that she was still watching the strange person going away, who just helped her. Maybe there will be no chance to see him again and say big thanks for his good deed.

After getting to my workplace, I was assuming that I might become late for a few minutes while helping them but fortunately, I wasn’t. A few hours later while I’m working, I feel to write the whole story and decide to share with others. My previous thought changes its meaning over these few hours. I feel good to help others within my limits. When it comes closer to my endpoints and I become unable to help others, then I feel bad. This makes me think over and over again. I think I think, and I think.

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