The Atom Bomb Reaction

On a nice sunny Sunday, there was a family party at Laila’s house. Lina’s family was invited and Jen’s family was invited. Han Solo was very happy and Julie was also happy. Laila was cooking the food. Two hours later Lina and Jen came. Jen brought some food for the party. Then, Jen, Lina, and Laila were talking about some stuff. Han Solo and Julie were also talking, Rakhal was sleeping. This was two hours before the official party. Lina was talking about garden vegetables, and said to Jen “You did not give me any vegetable, you only gave it to other people.” Jen screamed, “Who told you that I am not like that I’m not selfish.

I would give you if you asked me.” Laila was adding on, “Yeah, she is right, oh my god!” Jen got upset and went to another room. Then Laila and Lina started talking and planned that Laila will scream at Lina and calm Jen. Laila went to Jen and told her to look at her cooking just to calm her down. Jen got mad “Don’t cool me down I don’t need your sympathy.” While that happened Chubaka came. Chubaka was eating next to Lina. A little later Jen was leaving. Chubaka had no idea and was screaming at Lina like a goat as if it was her fault. Then Chubaka left the house. There was the boom. Laila, Lina, and Jen were screaming at each other, and someone had to say something and it was Han Solo he yelled, he screamed, everything got calm. Han Solo was brave enough to stop the screaming, and the party was over, and the bomb was fused.

– Chain Reaction

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