What does it mean to have friends? Why do we have friends? Who are our true friends? Is it worth it in the end to have friends? …friends… I may not know who your true friends are, but I know one thing and that is, a true friend never leaves you alone in a problem. A true friend never betrays your trust. I happen to have friends like that. Friends who always have my back, and I have theirs. We grew up together, learned together, played together, experienced together. We see each other every day, and no matter how the day starts, for some reason, I feel a glow on my face, and most importantly I see a glow on their face. It’s so weird to think sometimes that something can break us.

As we all know, nothing lasts forever. But I think that won’t happen, something tells me it won’t happen. I sometimes tell them “what if I’ m not there one day? What if I go away?” They tell me, “We will find you then, no matter what.” It sometimes makes me sad to think what if they never find me. Some people say to stay away from making friends, that they make you bad. But I don’t think that’s always the case. If they make you bad, then they are not your true friend. True friends make you better, not worse. I believe everyone needs friends, it’s just something that is part of life. Being alone hurts. Nobody wants to be hurt. I am lucky to have good friends. Friends that I can share my time with and be myself. I don’t think it will ever break, and I hope it never breaks. So you ask, is it worth it in the end? Heck yeah! It is! It is one of the best things u can ask for in life. True friends.

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