Role Change of Life

The number of roles we play changes so fast that sometimes it becomes hard to keep up with them. In other words, there are so many roles we play in everyday life that we don’t notice the shifting of them from one to another.

However, speaking of my own life, I also have to play so many roles in my life. It started from the very moment when I was born as the only daughter of Nirob and Nila at Nil Akash family.
Oh! I forgot to introduce myself!

Hey! This is Nir!

I’m the only daughter of my parents and only sister of my two brothers; Nihar (older than me) and Neel ( younger than me). My family obviously loves me the most and I as well.

My life is very simple. I go to college, work, and sleep… Oh yeah, I eat too. Lol
Currently, I am living in New York but originally I’m from Bangladesh. Bangla is my first language and English is my second language.

Speaking of Role Playing, at home I play the role of a daughter to my parents and a sister to my brothers. These are the most natural roles I play every day, where I really don’t worry too much about being perfect. When I go out of the home, my role changes from being a daughter or sister to just a girl or woman. Not everyone knows me out there, so I just am a girl or woman to them. The moment I enter in my college I’m a student there. I listen to my professors, take notes and ask my questions. At cafeteria when I see my friends, I start playing the role of a friend. I talk to them about all the fun stuff have happened and we laugh. I play a role of an employee to my employer at my work and do my job. Finally, when I come back home I change my role of being an employee of a job to a family member to my family.

If you notice, you’ll see these shifting of roles in my life are happening very frequently. But it’s not unusual, though, it’s common for everyone. I believe it’s just a matter of great realization.

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