Life is beautiful

Life is beautiful yet we make it so ugly. We take the little things and make it a big deal. We care too much about the new car, the new house, the new clothes, care too much about the money. None of this matters because none of it last forever. The only thing that will

A life in half ( part 2 )

Neel opened his eyes. Nothing was visible. It was dark and strange. He was scared, a lot. Slowly light was seen. Neel can finally see. His brother looking at him, crying with a smile. Neel didn’t understand anything, he doesn’t know the person. His mind and body were frozen for years. Neel couldn’t move his

A life in half ( part 1 )

It’s a happy day for Neel. He is a husband, a father, a man with a family. He needs nothing but love. But also he is a 13-year-old kid who is forever gone from our world. But why is it a happy day for him? He is dead. Right? Well, that’s what his brother thinks.

A Page From My Diary – 01/25/16

I know, I am not alone. I mean we are not alone. There is something that we cannot see. We can only realize something before it happens. But cannot say it what, when and how exactly will happen! This is the limitation! We call it the future. What stops me from seeing the future? Why

Role Change of Life

The number of roles we play changes so fast that sometimes it becomes hard to keep up with them. In other words, there are so many roles we play in everyday life that we don’t notice the shifting of them from one to another. However, speaking of my own life, I also have to play