A Page From My Diary – 12/03/16

Today is Saturday. Now it’s 7 in the morning. It’s a new beginning of another day. I’m writing from my bed. Recently, I left my part-time job because I’m graduating next semester. I’m applying for summer programs and internships from now. It feels like everything is happening too fast. I thought it will be in

Trying new things everyday

I was always interested in stuff I didn’t know about. I still am. Like yesterday I started doing Photoshop, I made a few good pictures. I am proud of them, I might post them. I also code HTML or I used to, I kind of stopped because my laptop crashed. But I am back, I

Crazy life of mine

I have a really busy life. Every day I have to run for the bus to go to school, it is frustrating. But I always make it to class. I actually do very good in class, especially math. My friends and I are really famous, students love us. We call our self “The six bros”