A Page From My Diary – 12/03/16

Today is Saturday. Now it’s 7 in the morning. It’s a new beginning of another day. I’m writing from my bed. Recently, I left my part-time job because I’m graduating next semester. I’m applying for summer programs and internships from now. It feels like everything is happening too fast. I thought it will be in the far future. But it’s not. I’m getting tired of class work, job hunt, and interview prep. Besides, I have some group projects to showcase my skill set. Altogether, it’s a little bit of pressure. But, I can handle it and I’ll continue until I meet my goal.

Finally, I’m going to finish my bachelor’s degree. It’s one of my dream come true. It’s all about hard work and patience. If you truly want something and you have dreamt about it and you work hard, then you will get what you want with no doubt.

It’s all inside your head. Every moment depends on your next step. You can decide how and where you take your next step. One thing I have noticed in my lifetime, you need people who can influence you to do things. You cannot find your purpose in yourself. It is always the rest which changes your way of living. It’s a kind of relativity. You decide your next step depending on what is around you. It affects you depending on the size and ratio of its influence on you. It seems critical  when you deal with it. But, if you stand on your  principles then it’s not that hard. But, it is difficult. And that makes your life different than others.

I don’t know what I think every day. Maybe I hope for a better day, a better life, and better everything. But I must not forget that I’m having a good life. This is a life which I might be looking for in my past. So, I should appreciate for a moment of my life that I’m having a good life with everything I need to make myself happy. I’m fulfilled and satisfied with my life. This is the perfect time of my life that I’m living with my family and enjoying the time. Time is going its own direction. We are the chosen ones who decided to ride along with the time. I have a timeline to live it and I’m living it with  my full potential. Life is something incredible that you can influence on something and see how it gets influenced.

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