A Page From My Diary – 01/25/16

I know, I am not alone. I mean we are not alone. There is something that we cannot see. We can only realize something before it happens. But cannot say it what, when and how exactly will happen!

This is the limitation! We call it the future. What stops me from seeing the future? Why cannot I just come and go back and forth in the past and the future? Haha! I am exaggerating. I am looking for these (millions of) answers from a long time. I have never stopped and never lost my hope. I prepare myself for this cause, what we call the impossible, from an early point in my life. The time when I understood the true meaning of life. I know and I believe that there is always a way to find an answer.

Some people may say, we are not capable of finding some of them because we are human. We are not immortal. I agree with all of these. But still, there is a hope to find the impossible. This hope is in our gene, in our bloodstream which is passing through generations to generations. I believe that I am not different. I am also a human being. I have a purpose of this living and this is not impossible to figure out. I don’t know how to find it, where to look for it and I am still working on it. I will be successful someday. If this is not me, then there will be someone who won’t stop until we achieve our goal. This writing may seem vague to you. Just follow your heart, you will find your answer.

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